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The Essential Items for the Nursery

During your pregnancy you will no doubt think about the nursery. How will it look? How should we decorate it? What colour scheme should we use? Would there be items I’ll missed? What are the must buy? Let's think simple for the time being as you will have plenty to add on in the coming future. For now, baby sleeps, eats and poo.

Here are the essential must have items for your first nursery.

1. Sleeping

It is important to have the right materials (soft sheets), size (not too large as baby loves security) and ambience for baby to have a sound sleep.

  • Crib or bassinet

  • Mattress

  • Mattress protectors (at least 2)

  • Sheets (at least 2)

  • Wraps or bundles (at least 2)

  • Thick curtains or blinds

  • Soft music (optional)


2. Feeding

  • Armchair and cushion

  • Side table

  • Lamp or nightlight


3. Baby poo

  • Changing table

  • Wipeable changing mat

  • Changing mat cover (2)

  • Trash can or laundry bucket, depending on your diapering plan

  • Heater (if the season is winter)


4. Other items

  • Soft floor mat or rug - there may be times you change diaper on the floor, or tummy time with the baby.

  • A storage cabinet to store all your baby toys and accessories away.

  • Baby monitor


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