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Where should my baby nap? by Dr. Phil Boucher, MD

I get asked that quite often! Parents often want to know it’s okay, or often want permission, to put their baby in swings or rock'n'plays for naps.⁣ I tell parents to keep it super simple and that will keep it completely safe.⁣

My rule: swings and Rock N Plays are fine if parents are awake and have an eye on baby. It's fine to park your little one in one of these if you are watching TV, making dinner, doing dishes, or up and about the house. ⁣ If, on the other hand, you are planning to nap when the baby naps (which I do highly reccomend!) then baby should sleep on a FLAT + BORING sleep surface. By flat I mean flat - like a crib, bassinet, or right on the carpet. By boring, I mean no blankets (other than the one baby is swaddled within), no pillows, no stuffed animals...just boring.⁣ Baby should sleep flat on her back always. Babies should NOT sleep in carseats when they aren't in the car going somewhere.⁣ Carseats, swings, Rock N Plays, they all put baby at an incline. Although this is sometimes helpful for sleep, your baby doesn't have a strong neck. It's easy for baby's head to slump forward and can obstruct breathing. ⁣ If you are consistent about bedtime routine, your baby will do just fine flat on her back, I promise. Easy way to start is to finish the feeding before sleep with baby all swaddled up so you can simply lay her down on a flat surface already asleep and everyone can get some rest.⁣


Dr Phil Boucher, MD pediatrician

I’d like to share my experiences, knowledge, and expertise with you. To help you be a better parent. To enjoy your children, spouse, and family more. To grow closer to each other and God. You already have most of what you need. I can give you the confidence and reassurance that you can do this.


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