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Breastfeeding is a great, cost-effective way to not only feed your baby, but to bond with him or her as well.

Mom's milk:⁣

  • Is hypoallergenic

  • Is ideal for baby's development

  • Carries mom's antibodies

  • Is a gut builder

  • Reduces SIDS risk

  • Reduces many other health risks

Some things to remember if you feed baby with formula or have to supplement breast milk with formula:⁣

  1. Make sure you use a commercial brand formula.

  2. If your baby is under one year old, goat's milk, cow's milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk etc are NOT suitable substitutes for breast milk or formula.

  3. Any amount of breast milk helps. Even if you can't produce enough milk on your own and have to supplement with formula, give baby any breastmilk you can make.

Do you guys have any questions about breastdfeeding or tips for nursing mamas? Comment down below!


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