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What is the best car seat?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The best car seat for you is the car seat that fits the following three criteria:

ONE: It should fit your baby.

Is this car seat designed for a child your baby's age? Is it the right stage to keep your baby safe?

If you can answer yes, move on to number two.

TWO: It should fit in your vehicle.

Does the car seat fit in your car? Some vehicles may have very little room in the back seat.

Always test fit a car seat before you purchase it to make sure it will fit safely and securely in your vehicle.

THREE: You should feel comfortable installing it.

Every time. If the car seat is too heavy for you, or you don't feel confident that you can install it correctly every time, it may not be the right car seat for you.

Practice using the car seat before you buy, and read the manual both before and after you purchase.


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