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New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

In my previous years, my new year's resolutions are quite the same old things - exercise more, be healthier, work smarter to get a pay rise, buy that bag, go to somewhere for a holiday. Now that I have a baby, these resolutions are no longer related to my daily life (let alone achieving them).

These are just my dream resolutions for the year. Yes they are dreams. I know that some are not even achievable (to me anyway), but it is good just to put them down and remind myself to stay focus in 2019. What are yours?


1. “To be there for my toddler 24/7.” I wish I could multi-task all my house chores, then divide equal time to read, work, groceries shopping, exercise, paying bills, gather with family, meet friends, go window shopping, go online shopping; and spend time with my toddler playing at the park and beach, eat, bath, read, hugs, change clothes, change diapers...... But then where do I squeeze in my sleep time?

2. “Always keep my house clean and tidy.” I always admire looking through those interior magazine and the house looks perfectly clean and tidy. Of course I know some of them are home staged, but wouldn't it be nice to have it for real?

3. “Not to use the cell phone around my toddler.” I I have said to myself that there are plenty of time in the future for toddlers to use the cell phone, therefore there is no need to let the toddler touch the phone. Too early for him. But sometimes it is hard not to use it myself. Especially when I want to take a photo or video of my baby!

4. “To have more patience not just to my toddler, but to my dear husband.” Scenario 1: After telling him that toddler already had snacks and won't need anything else till dinner; then five minutes later he goes and give some biscuits to the toddler. Scenario 2: I am on the phone with the child care lady discussing about my toddler and husband come and ask me where the government letter is. Can't it just wait?

5. “Always behave appropriately and set a good example to the toddler .” This one is definitely unattainable. But I promise I will try my best. For example, I only eat junk food after my baby sleeps, I totally believe in that babies are sponges and they are great imitators!

6. “Be more organised.” I am not kidding, I once forgot my toddler's vaccination due date. Luckily the nurse said there were no deadlines and the date was only a recommendation. I will probably get myself a good planner (another excuse for shopping), or use the cell phone calendar more (but that would defeat resolution #3).

7. “Try and get a sibling for my toddler.” Well, this should be on the top of the list but if you put too much pressure into it, it may just backfire. It is definitely something we need to work on since husband and I are both so busy at work and at home. I have heard lots of stories and read many articles how to have a baby by doing calculations. Let's see if it works because if we don't try, we will never know!

8. “Stop worrying.” As a first time mom I basically worry about everything. I am so thankful that these days there are so many online communities, expert books, hospital talks, and mama friends to share moments and ask for help or simple just chat about bedtime routine!

9. “Enjoy every moment and be grateful.” There will always be time where you have hardship in life, especially when you think nothing worst could happen, but more bad things just followed on. Life is like a roller coaster and you never have enough time to prepare for the next turn, but I will remember to try the best I could and throw my hands up and enjoy the ride.



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