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Let's Interiors: 50 Items in Your Home to Throw Out Now

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Watched Marie Kondo's Netflix show but still haven't been able to start declutter? No worries, here is a good list for you to clear up items that are no longer usable in your home.

  1. Expired coupons.

  2. Expired sample-sized toiletries.

  3. Expired Medicines and vitamins.

  4. Expired sauces.

  5. Expired sunscreens.

  6. Expired membership cards.

  7. Leftovers in fridge.

  8. Plastic containers and cutlery.

  9. Receipts you don’t need.

  10. Junk mail.

  11. Pens with no ink.

  12. Single earrings.

  13. Eyeglasses with wrong prescription.

  14. Scratched nonstick cookware.

  15. Broken kitchen appliances.

  16. Broken sunglasses.

  17. Broken umbrellas.

  18. Broken electronics.

  19. Address labels for your old home.

  20. Out dated electronics.

  21. Old manuals to electronics.

  22. Old remote controls.

  23. Old makeup and nail polish.

  24. Old perfumes and colognes.

  25. Old batteries.

  26. Old towels and pillows.

  27. Old schoolbooks you will never use again.

  28. Old calendars and planners.

  29. Old newspapers.

  30. Shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear.

  31. Miss-matched socks.

  32. Socks with holes.

  33. Rusty Jewelry.

  34. Clothes that don’t fit.

  35. Tired bras.

  36. Stained clothing you can’t clean.

  37. Stained rugs.

  38. Papers you have backed up on the computer.

  39. Old and outdated software.

  40. Cords and wires that you don’t use.

  41. DVDs you don’t watch.

  42. Snacks your pets don’t eat.

  43. Toys your pets don’t play with.

  44. Dried flowers.

  45. Freebie or promotional items you never use.

  46. Travel brochures.

  47. Worn out bath mats.

  48. Worn out sheets and beddings.

  49. Games with missing pieces.

  50. Unloved stuffed animals.


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