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Movie Review: Bumblebee by Eduardo Rivera

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

My family and I absolutely love this Bumblebee movie! We laughed hard out loud often, clapped, sat at the edge of our seats, even cried from pure emotion. There is so much to love about this movie, that I would even say it's better that 2007's Transformers. This is a very refreshing take on a Transformers story that doesn't feel completely chaotic and fast paced. The humor is perfectly controlled so that there's never a corny moment. The action is truly a spectacle on the big screen, I already want to go watch it again. The storyline is pretty consistent with what the other movies have created, especially the ending! Everyone in the theater went nuts at the end! I loved all the throwback 80's pop culture, especially the classic cars and music.

I was very into the storyline of Charlie missing her dad, and how he made her into a true gearhead. Having two little girls myself, there were many moments that pulled at my heart strings. The action was awesome, my girls got truly shocked at times, and were even hiding their faces from actual fear of what was happening on screen. My wife and mother in law, were laughing out loud and really into the whole story.

I have been to see every Michael Bay Transformers movie since 2007 in the theatre, and the last time I got into one of those like I did today watching Bumblebee, was during Revenge of The Fallen when Optimus Prime was killed. Other than that second movie, the rest got increasingly more annoying and dragged on, but still I went and bought all the DVDs because I love Transformers. But now, once Bumblebee comes out on DVD I will be very satisfied knowing I won't fall asleep watching it on the couch after an hour.

Do yourself a favor this Holiday season and spend some hard earned money going to watch this movie, you will walk out feeling like you didn't waste your money.


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