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Healthcare Professionals You Might Meet During Your Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Normally you will be looked after by your community midwife throughout your pregnancy. Besides midwife, you might meet the following healthcare professionals during your pregnancy. Here are the titles and their job description so you can have a better understanding.

Your GP

Your doctor is the first person to see when you become pregnant. You should continue to consult him or her during pregnancy about other health problems and medication.

A Community Midwife

A community midwife conducts your antenatal appointments and monitors you throughout your pregnancy, and when you first come home after the birth. He or she is a point of contact for all your concerns.

A Sonographer

A sonographer is a midwife or radiographer trained to use and take readings from an ultrasound scanner in order to monitor the intrauterine health of your baby.

An Obstetrician

An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth. You will see an obstetrician if your GP or midwife has a concern about your pregnancy or if you are carrying multiples, and sometimes as a matter of routine during your labor.

A Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist is a doctor specialising in women's health. You may see a gynaecologist in the early pregnancy unit if your midwife has a concern about your anatomy or reproductive health. For example, if you have cervical insufficiency or fibroids. You may also see a gynaecologist if there are concerns in the third trimester.

An Anaesthetist

An anaesthetist is a doctor who specialises in pain relief and anaesthesia. You will see an anaesthetist if you ask for an epidural in labor, or if you have a caesarean section.

A Hospital Midwife

A hospital midwife is one of a team of midwives who work within a hospital setting or birth center during labor and birth. They also look after any women who have to be hospitalised during pregnancy.


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