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Craving Foods During Pregnancy

In pregnancy, it is very normal to have food or drink cravings. Cravings are caused by fluctuating hormones, heightened senses in smell and taste, and nutritional deficiencies. Cravings typically begin during the first trimester and peak in the second trimester, but can happen anytime during pregnancy. You maybe craving for foods and drinks that you never liked before.

The types of food craved over the course of pregnancy seem to follow a pattern:

1st trimester = savoury food cravings

2nd trimester = sweet food cravings

3rd trimester = salty food cravings

Experts sugget that your taste buds play a role in how you interpret your body's needs. Nobody really knows what causes cravings in pregnancy since scientific studies cannot easily quantify or measure them. Some studies have suggested a potential link between certain cravings - salty foods such as olives, sour fruits such as lemons, or vegetarians eating meat - and material diet deficiencies.

The top five pregnancy cravings are:

  1. Sweet: chocolates, candies

  2. Savoury high-calorie carbs: pizza, chips

  3. Animal protein: steak, chicken

  4. Fruits

  5. Savoury high-calorie diary: cheese, sour cream

Most cravings don't represent any threat to you or your baby unless you have the condition Pica, when you crave non-food items such as clay.

Do you have any cravings?


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