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First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Not that it is absolute in every case, but majority of women who had more than one pregnancy, find the following differences between their first and second pregnancy. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

1st Pregnancy: Plan how to surprise your partner about the news and think of ways to announce it on social media. 2nd Pregnancy: Tell your partner over dinner (if you still remember) or before sleep (if he is still awake). Sorry, no time to go on social media.

1st Pregnancy: You avoid all foods and drinks that could be harmful to your body immediately. 2nd Pregnancy: You eat your toddler’s leftovers.

1st Pregnancy: You take photo(s) of your belly and yourself everyday. 2nd Pregnancy: By the time you remember to take photo you are already in your trimester.

1st Pregnancy: Though you have morning sickness, you take time to recover in bed after. 2nd Pregnancy: Morning sickness - just get it over and done with - need to get my toddler’s breakfast ready.

1st Pregnancy: You read multiple books and went to all sorts of pregnancy and parenting related talks and classes. 2nd Pregnancy: You are confident in your pregnancy and has combine information read from books with your every day toddler life experience.

1st Pregnancy: You go to deep sleep whenever you want, wherever you want. 2nd Pregnancy: Deep sleep? You are always half asleep.

1st Pregnancy: You went shopping for your maternity clothing. 2nd Pregnancy: Thrown on whatever is in the wardrobe.

1st Pregnancy: You had a wonderful baby shower party at your home with all your closest girlfriends. 2nd Pregnancy: You and your toddler had some water fun in the shower together.

1st Pregnancy: You decorate the nursery room exactly the way you want, looking beautiful like one of those in interior magazine. 2nd Pregnancy: You make sure that all the toys are being put back in the wardrobes, and practically matters more than the look.

1st Pregnancy: You have bought (and received) many beautiful baby clothes. 2nd Pregnancy: No need to buy any baby clothes. Plenty left from older sibling.

Each pregnancy is a special journey, enjoy your pregnancy!


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