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Family Car of the Month - 2019 BMW X5

2019 BMW X5 Highlights :

  • LED headlights are standard, but the options list includes BMW Laserlight with adaptive LED Headlights. This technology uses a BMW Laserlight spotlight with Selective Beam, which can project a non-dazzling high beam at a distance of about 500 metres. The BMW Laserlight projectors can be identified by the blue X-shaped trim inside the headlight clusters.

  • Equipped with a four-wheel steering system, at speeds of up to 60 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction as the front ones, which increase manoeuvrability in city traffic and parking lots. At higher speeds, the rear wheels rotate in the same direction as the front ones for quick lane-change manoeuvres.

  • For the first time on the X5, 22-inch alloy wheels will be available directly from the factory.

  • The new Offroad Package, which adds a two-axle air suspension, an electronically controlled rear differential lock, underbody protection and four driving modes (sand, rock, gravel, snow). For the two-axle suspension setup, the X5 can raise its ride height by up to 40 mm for off-roading, or lower it by up to 40 mm for loading the cargo hold. A 360-degree camera system also helps the driver see what’s going on around the vehicle in tricky off-road situations.

  • Optionally equipped with a power-assisted cargo cover which, at the touch of a button, can lower itself into the load floor when not in use. When closing the X5’s two-piece tailgate, the cover automatically extends itself over the cargo area, and retracts when the tailgate is opened.

  • The optional Reversing Assistant can back up for a distance of up to 50 metres, on a path that was previously negotiated forwards. For example, if we parked the X5 forwards in a tight space, or in the garage, the system will record the steering movements we made during our parking manoeuvre and back up the vehicle on the exact same path—even a day later. The driver simply has to operate the gas pedal and brake pedals, and Reversing Assistant will do the rest.

  • The fully digital driver instrument panel, means each X5 boasts two 12.3-inch displays side by side. BMW Live Cockpit Professional also includes an adaptive navigation system, a 20-Gb hard drive and two USB ports as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces.

  • The latest version of the brand’s multimedia operating system boasts a revised menu layout, with up to ten pages of configurable tiles for accessing the system’s features. It can be controlled with the console-mounted iDrive controller, voice command or gesture control. It also incorporates user profiles which can be sent to a cloud and downloaded into another vehicle.

  • Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, owner can use his smartphone to lock/unlock and start the vehicle, eliminating the need to carry a conventional keyfob.

  • When the multifunction seats are specified, it includes heating and ventilation in addition to numerous power adjustments, a massage feature is now available. The latter offers several settings and intensity levels for both the driver and the front passenger.


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