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A 20-Minutes Daily Exercise for Busy Moms

If you have a moment to get out of the office, head to the gym and try out this workout bench routine from NYSC personal trainer, Sylvia Borowska. (Or even swing by the park and try it out on a nearby bench.)

How to do it: You'll do each of the strength moves below for 60 seconds. Aim to complete as many reps as you can in that timeframe. There are also two cardio moves that you'll do for two minutes each, but you so got this! The routine is 10 minutes, so complete the total-body circuit two times.


Squats: Start standing with the bench behind you. Bend at your knees to lower into a squat keeping the weight in your heels. Get low enough where your butt taps the bench, but don’t fully sit down. Press through your heels and stand up. Continue for 1 minute.


Single-leg squats: Start seated on the bench and lift one leg so that it’s extended in front of you. Now stand up by driving through the heel of the foot that’s on the floor. Then slowly lower back to a seated position. Continue for 1 minute (keeping the leg lifted the entire time), then switch sides and continue for another minute.


Tricep dips__:__ Start standing in front of the bench and place your palms on the chair seat with your fingertips facing forward. Keep your back flat and walk legs out in front of body. Bend your arms and lower butt toward ground while keeping your elbows pointing directly behind body. Straighten your arms to return to start. Continue for 1 minute.


Push-ups: Place your hands on top of the workout bench to perform an elevated push-up. The key here is to engage your abs and keep you elbows close to your torso as lower. Continue for 1 minute.


Mountain climbers: Keep the same position as the push-up above—your hands with be resting on top of the bench with your wrists directly below your shoulders. Then drive your right knee under your chest. As you return your right foot back to an elevated high plank position, drive your left knee under your chest. Continue alternating sides for 2 minutes.


Seated bicycle crunches: Sit tall at the edge of your workout bench. Lean back slightly and bring your fingertips behind your ears. This is your starting position. Bring your left knee up and right elbow to meet. Continue alternating sides for 1 minute. (You can always do this move on the floor, too.)


Seated skaters: If you don't know how to do a regular skater, follow the instructions here. This version is modified for a workout bench. Sit at the edge of your workout bench and bring your arms straight out to the side. Lean your torso forward and reach your right arm to your left foot while extending the right leg out to the side. Continue alternating sides for 2 minutes.


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