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Caught in Action by Your Toddler

Becoming parents doesn't mean you don't have some close up time with each other. But what happens when you are caught in action by your toddler? Let's have a read (and laugh) at some of the replies from parents.

" I was helping him scratch an itch!"

"My husband jumped under the covers and I pretended like I was going through my wardrobe trying on outfits!"

"We are cleaning each other in the shower".

My little boy heard the thumping from the headboard hitting the wall and thought it was the washing machine. I said, 'The washing machine just finished. Thank you for letting me know. Go back to bed baby.'

"We are tickling each other."

My toddler heard some noises and I said, "You must have been dreaming honey."

"We are having a nude cuddle."

"We just grinned and asked if she was alright. She stared at us for a minute, then went back to bed."

"We were just play fighting."


Sex therapist Sallie Foley, co-author of Sex Matters for Women (Guilford, 2002) suggests "Gently tell your toddler that mom and dad need private time to cuddle, and send him/her on his/her way after a reminder about the need to knock if the door is closed.

Parenting coach Sue Atkins, creator of The Positive Toddler Taming mp3, advises that if you get caught in action, remember to stay calm, act like it’s not a big deal – screaming, shouting or panicking will just scare or confuse your toddler. When your toddler sees you and your partner are calm, he or she will stay calm too.

To save yourself from any embarrassing moments in the future, check that your bedroom door is locked and install a lock if one is missing. If you don't want to lock your door, you can close the door and put a chair against it, so you’ll hear your toddler trying to come in and can stop what you are doing.


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